Dada Is Back And Everyone Is Talking About Him.

That’s what Sharda Ugra says in the latest issue of India Today

…everyone in Indian cricket cannot fall over themselves enough, cannot stop falling over him. In acknowledgement, in apology, in explanation, in waves of we-are-not-worthy. We stumble around in confusion, saying, ‘But we…’ ‘but you…’

Read the entire article here. I like what she says at the end…

an athlete’s self-image is a key component of his game, no more than with Ganguly who wears his strengths and flaws like a tight T-shirt. Then, in the middle of changing equations and shifting sands, there was only one constant in Sourav Ganguly’s rather wild life: he knew who he was.

நம்ம சொல்லனும்னு நினைச்சுட்டிருந்ததை இன்னொருத்தங்க நம்மளவிட நல்லா சொல்லும்போது அதை மத்தவங்களுக்கு காட்டரது தானுங்க அழகு.

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