Dada Is Back And Everyone Is Talking About Him.

That’s what Sharda Ugra says in the latest issue of India Today

…everyone in Indian cricket cannot fall over themselves enough, cannot stop falling over him. In acknowledgement, in apology, in explanation, in waves of we-are-not-worthy. We stumble around in confusion, saying, ‘But we…’ ‘but you…’

Read the entire article here. I like what she says at the end…

an athlete’s self-image is a key component of his game, no more than with Ganguly who wears his strengths and flaws like a tight T-shirt. Then, in the middle of changing equations and shifting sands, there was only one constant in Sourav Ganguly’s rather wild life: he knew who he was.

நம்ம சொல்லனும்னு நினைச்சுட்டிருந்ததை இன்னொருத்தங்க நம்மளவிட நல்லா சொல்லும்போது அதை மத்தவங்களுக்கு காட்டரது தானுங்க அழகு.

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Dada is Back

Happy to see that the Tiger is back…

As S. Dinakar says in The Hindu

The 35-year-old Ganguly is now in the form of his life; he could middle the ball in sleep. He has made runs on pitches with pace and lift in South Africa, conjured a couple of gems when the ball swung around in England and has built monuments with delicate stroke-play against Pakistan.

As a left-hander in the middle-order, he adds a lot to the line-up. The manner in which he timed the ball on a surface of low bounce at the Chinnaswamy Stadium was astonishing. These were the shots of a gifted cricketer.

Ganguly’s commitment shone through in his bowling. Despite the tour of Australia looming, he ran in hard and stretched every sinew. Not for a moment was he concerned about picking up an injury while performing what was only an occasional job. This, really, has been the highlight of his triumphant comeback. And we are not talking about numbers here.

and he looks hungry…

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